Live Streaming & Live Feed Service

We Broadcast & Run Your Live Event

With experience running various live events, we are equip to deploy and run the required audio visual and media support for your event. Leverage on our team’s expertise on live broadcast to broadcast your in-person live event to online platforms. From single camera production setups to multi camera productions, no event is too big or small for us.


Live Stream & Live Feed Services for:

– Annual General Meetings
– Theatre Productions
– School Graduation Ceremonies
– Corporate Townhall Meetings
– Online Workshop
– Sporting Events
– Hybrid Events
Virtual Events



Live streaming and Live Feed for sporting events. Allow your audience to watch the action up close from the comfort of their seats. Projection to venue screens and projectors and online platforms.


We are proud to have supported Singapore Football Association’s Futsal event this year. Futsal matches were fed to OCBC arena’s big screens so that audiences can view the action up close.



We are honoured to have had the opportunity to provide event coverage services for Asia’s largest shipping conference. This included video wall setup, live feed, live stream and event photography.


“The quality of the live-stream was unlike anything we or anyone else has ever done before, similar to what one would see on TV rather than a webinar and we believe that this conference will set the standard for our upcoming events.”
– Marine Money (Source: Marine Money’s LinkedIn)



Live streaming of large gatherings, town halls and events has become the new normal.


We are proud to be bringing Singapore Institute of Technology’s Graduation Ceremony online this year. Check out the live broadcasts of 11 separate sessions from now till 27 February 2021 on SIT’s YouTube and Facebook pages.



A recent project where we live streamed a Product launch for Jungheinrich Singapore. Eaglelastic Productions provided multiple camera angles and mounted camera angles on their forklift products.

Reliable and Innovative Solutions

The top priority for all our live events is reliability, this is why develop highly reliable workflows for the delivery of all our live events.


On top of that, we also employ the use of latest innovative technologies to captivate and impress your online audience.

– Virtual Event Coordination
– 2 Way Video Conferencing
– Zoom Meeting Management
– Live Stream to Multiple Platforms
– Dedicated Event Website Setup
– Multi-Location Live Streaming
– Live Feed to Venue Projectors/Screens

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Multiple Camera Angles

Multiple camera angles can be deployed and mixed live to ensure that your viewers will have an entertaining and enjoyable viewing experience.


This includes mixing of wide camera angles, close-up camera angles, videos and many more. This way your viewers will never miss anything or complain that something is too small on screen.


All live streaming and video mixing is done using professional level broadcast equipment so you can be assured of the quality of the live stream.

Integration With

Online Platforms

Live Stream to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Zoom Meetings/Webinars, Cisco WebEx and many more.


Live Streaming directly to your own website can also be provisioned to improve customer experience or for highly secure private events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fail-safes do you have in place to ensure the live stream platform never goes down?

We make use of highly reliable Content Delivery Networks and Cloud Servers from reputable providers such as Amazon Web Services to ensure your live event reaches your participants. These cloud service providers are the backbone of the internet and host many other mission critical platforms such as Netflix, Government Websites and many more.

How do you reliably live stream my live event?

As a backup internet connection or for outdoor events, we make use of the latest cellular bonding technology to combine multiple 4G signals from various carriers to ensure your live stream never goes down.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We make use of production grade cameras for all our live events to ensure the best video quality for your viewers.


For mixing of video and audio, we make use of a mix of hardware and software professional video switchers and mixers.

I do not know what kind of technical setup my event requires. Can you help suggest a suitable setup?

Yes definitely, we will work with you to come up with a solution that best fits your event’s needs. We can also help you coordinate your whole live event from the planning stage to finish.

Can you develop a microsite/website for my online event?

Yes we can. From small events to large conferences, we are able to develop and deploy an online platform that is reliable and easy to use for your online participants.

Can I bring in remote guests to my live stream?

Yes definitely! Depending on whether you weigh latency or quality as a more important aspect, we can recommend a suitable technology to bring in as many remote guests as you like.

Can you live stream to multiple platforms?

Yes definitely! We are able to live stream to as many platforms as you need simultaneously. For example, we can live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, WebEx, Zoom all at once!

Can you provide roving/moving camera angles?

Yes we certainly can! Although this would be more costly as compared to a stationary camera angle, it will definitely increase the production value for your live stream.